5 Reasons Why Snake Plants Make Great House Plants

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1. They're almost impossible to kill!

With snake plants, anyone can be a Green Thumb! These plants are super hardy and can tolerate drought, low light and neglect! This makes snake plants a great starter plant, perfect for new plant lovers and complete novices! You can put them in almost any room of the house (Some sunlight would be good but they can tolerate indoor lighting as well). We recommend putting them in your bedroom where their air filtering qualities can help you a lot!

2. They have air purifying qualities!

There's been research that snake plants and other similar indoor plants help increase air quality in a room. Indeed, just by merely respiring oxygen, plants help improve the air we breathe! We recommend putting snake plants in your bedroom. The more the merrier of course. You can mix and match snake plants with other indoor plants to add color and freshness t your room

3.They look good!

The yellow and green leaves give great contrast and visual interest. You can put them on virtually any pot to match your room! They're not too finicky with pot material. The vertical leaves are also attention grabbers. Clump them together and they can easily liven up any dull corner of your house.

4.You can plant them together with other plants

If you want to add more visual oomph, get a big enough planter/pot and create a mini indoor garden! Snake plants don't mind sharing space with other plants and will happily grow together with other plants

5.They won't overgrow

Plants have a tendency to well, grow. Some plants will even burst through their pots in a bid to get bigger! Snake plants grow to about 3 feet but will adapt to the pot size (the bigger, the pot the bigger their potential to grow). So your set indoor garden decor won't need to change often.


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Article by: Farmer Francis

(Farmer francis is a farmer, plant lover and agricultural engineer. He has a passion for growing things and sharing his knowledge about plants, and agriculture in general)