Solutions to Common Plant Problems!

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Taking care of plants is a very rewarding experience! Sometimes, however, leaves just turn brown, fall off or worse, the plant dies!
Generally we fail to realize that plants are living things. They also feel stressed, they have their own temperament and needs. Even
plants of the same type/name have different needs and personalities! TLC is best but even TLC can become too much.

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Here are some solutions to common plant problems:

1. Weak Plants:

Did you just get the plant? Water it throroughly first and give it some sun (for a day or two). Plants also get stressed and transporting
them can stress some plants. Sun and water gives the plant energy to recover quickly. This also works when plants become weak or sickly. Also spray the plant
with plant spray to help them recover faster.

Image Above: Brown Leaves may mean the plant need more sun. Place the plant outdoors or near a window with morning/afternoon sun. 

A word of warning: Some plants like lavender hate very wet soil. Keeping the soil too wet for days without sun and heat will weaken the plant. Do not water lavender
with wet soil and no sunlight - give it sunlight so it can recover.

Image Above: Too much watering with not enough sunlight can kill lavender plants.

2. Falling Leaves:

Your plant needs more sunlight. Even indoor plants need some good old sun to help them produce food for survival. Falling leaves mean the plant
can't support the leaf anymore and is letting it go so it can support new leaves or other plant functions. Again some sun and water will really help out.

3. Browning Leaves:

If the Browning is on the tips or edges of leaves: Give your plants some more water. Tip/edge browning is often due to lack of water. The edges of leaves get the least water
and so they turn brown

If the Whole Leaf is Brown: This may be due to disease or lack of sunlight. Isolate the plant from other plants. Give it a combo of sun, water and leaf spray

Image above: Leaves with brown edges usually mean the plant needs more water

4. When to water?

Use the finger-poke method! Poke the soil an inch dip with your fingers, if soil sticks to your finger and nails, then it is still wet, if it doesn't then it is dry.

We hope this guide helps you out! The best way to take care of plants is to get to know them, frequently looking and giving your plants TLC will let you know when your
plants are off and that they need help. Plants are living things and they have different personalities and behavior.

Image Above: Dry Soil. Soil does not stick to fingers when poked

Image Above: We Soil. Soil sticks to finger and fingernails when poked

If you're not sure what plants fit you and your lifestyle, click here to go through our plant selector guide:

If you're just starting with plants, or are too busy to care for them, start with Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Monstera and ZZ Plants, Native Oregano is also easy to care for. These will build up
your plant ESP and give you the confidence to expand your plant garden!

*Prices on website may vary

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