1. Homegrown and the Department of Agriculture are coordinating to bring Farmer's produce Door-to-door direct to you!

2. Products in this collection will help farmers especially those that are having a hard time delivering and selling their produce *Variety in photos may vary

3. For faster processing and delivery, please order from this collection since items here are always available. You can order from other collections but delivery times may be longer.

4. Currently Items are in Bulk to Help Farmers market produce (2 Kilo and 5 Kilo Items)

5. We sort, grade at the farms, fulfillment center and you can accept/decline produce on delivery but we discourage returns and exchanges since these will impact the farmers as well. You can email us myhomegrownorganic@gmail.com for concerns and we will coordinate accordingly.

6. Target Delivery Date 1-2 days after is placed.

7. Prices may vary

KaDIWA ni Ani at Kita EXpress

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