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Reasons why customer choose our services

Having problems with your business?

Business problems can be very stressful. But you don't have to navigate through it alone. We can provide you with the training, business shortcuts and what-to-dos to get your business out of trouble or away from it.

From registrations, compliance, operations, finance, fundraising, marketing, we've got you covered!

Don't feel down and out! Our team of experts and adivsers not only have the know-how but have actual life experience and the right linkages to properly assist and guide you. 

accomplish your business and project goals!

Differentiate and succeed in your chosen marketspace




& Project


save time and money

Start your business with just the right amount of capital. Avoid pitfalls through sound, industry tested advice. We'll help research, create business project/plans that will help you save time and money






prepare your business for growth

Starting a business is one thing, making it sustainable and ready to grow is another. Sound fundamentals, best practices and solid operations will allow you to grow and succeed






learn with experts

Profit = Sales - Expenses

Sales and revenue is the lifeblood of any business. Without topline sales, your business or project will have a hard time reaching profitability. Our specialists will help you get to sustainable profitability. 

ready to start?

Some of our main services that can get you from start to finish faster, with less cost and less headaches!


- Create a viable business or project plan

- Product and service selection/pricing

- Feasibility and pre-market studies

Business Plan

Basic business/project plan - Starts at P20,000.00


Business / Project Plan (Hard or Soft Copy) in standard or prescribed format

Macro market study and feasibility

Strategy plan

Execution plan with Timelines

Capitalization, Cash Flow and Financial Statement Plan

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

Extra Services

Product Selection and Pricing - Starts at P5,000 *dependent on scope and duration

Expanded Market Studies - Starts at P5,000 *dependent on location, degree and complexity of market analysis


- Create an e-commerce / other website 

- User interface to fit your brand

- Optimize main page, product page and collection pages

- Create landing pages for specific products and promos

E-Commerce website

Basic shopify website - Starts at P20,000.00


Use of Themes for User interface

Minor coding to tailor fit to client’s usability needs

Basic graphics design for products, product descriptions and user interface

Upload of images, products, pricing, 


Implementation strategy to fit with client’s brand and goals

Installation and integration of Apps and widgets as requested by client

Integration with Facebook, Google and Tiktok Ads Manager

Optimizations for loading speed

Minor optimizations for increasing Sales/Interactions/Visits/Leads

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

Extra Services

Monthly Retainer - Starts at P5,000

For product/collection/navigation updating

Website optimizations for loading speed and attaining website goals

* cost of widgets and apps are shouldered by the client (usually between P500 - P1,500/month)

Creating Landing Pages and High Converting Pages

Starts at P10,000 *dependent on scope and duration

Using analytics to optimize a website for higher conversion goals (Sales,

Leads, Visitors, etc)

Creating landing pages and other pages with advanced User Interaction and

User functions like chat, popups, drawers etc

* cost of widgets and apps are shouldered by the client (usually between P500 - P1,500/month)


- Set-up lead generation and email marketing campaigns

- Facebook, Google, Tiktok ads manager set-up

- Training on Facebook and Tiktok Ads

Facebook and Tiktok Pixel Integration, remarketing

- Influencer, vlogger marketing

Facebook,Instagram, Tiktok Ads

Starts at P10,000.00


Connect Facebook Ads to your Store

Campaign, Ad Set and Ads Setup

Finding the most cost-efficient and/or best performing ads strategy

Create sales funnels with goals for Sales/Leads/Clicks/Engagement

Audience and demographics targeting

Set-up custom and retargeting audiences

Connect with email database for email marketing campaign to increase sales

Create 20 Ads with graphics / creatives / basic video

1 month data analytics and coaching

Extra Services

Monthly Retainer - Starts at P5,000 

Ads and Ad structure analytics

Ads and Ad structure optimization

Developing ad creatives

Finding broad and niche audiences

Sales funnel optimization

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

Want to start a small or home-based business?

Starting your own business is fun and rewarding but it can also have pitfalls.

Let us help you avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

Business Registration and Business Setup

DTI and SEC Registration

Don't waste your time stuck in line and filling up paperwork when you need to think more about how your business will be sustainable and profitable.

Application and management in registering your business. We have different packages for registrations with different agencies from DTI, SEC, BIR, Philhealth, SSS, Sanitary, Barangay and Mayor's Permits

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

Extra Services

Do you have problems with your existing registration? Let us know. 

Funds Sourcing, Product Identification, Supplier Sourcing, Manpower Sourcing

- Need anything for your budding business? Let us know and we'll create a package that fits your needs and budget

Funds Sourcing

We have partner private investors and can manage funding applications from government agencies

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

Outsourcing and Delivery Services

- Outsource your delivery, customer service and other non-core business tasks

Pick Up and Delivery Services

Our partner Abyan Express Deliveries can manage the pickup, delivery of both inventory and final product from suppliers and to customers

Local and International Customer Support

Customer service can make or break your new business. Satisfied customers will keep coming back and recommend your business to their friends and relatives!

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

Other Services to help your project or business

We offer a wide variety of other services to help you!


Starts at - P20,000

- Boots on the Ground or Online Community Organizing

- Political Mobilization

- Campaign and Electroral Processes

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity


Starts at - P20,000

- Documentation and Notarial Services

- Collective bargaining negotiations

- Establishment of Labor Management Council

- Entry of appearance in special and quasi-judicial bodies

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity


Starts at - P20,000

- Documentation for ECC applications

- Comprehensive Development

- Preparation for reforestation and mining areas rehabilitation

- Coastal/Maring protection rehabilitation

- Protected Area biodiversity conservation

* Pricing varies with degree of complexity

We serve all, from small businesses, farmers, to cooperatives, corporations

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