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How to Take Care of Your Vietnam Rose Plant

What are Vietnam Rose Plants

Vietnam Rose plants are continuously flowering, semi-bushing plants. Having flowers, they are best grown outdoors with partial shade to protect from noontime and summer heat. But they can also be grown and will flower indoors if they are placed next to a window with direct morning/afternoon sun


Outdoors, place the plants in the garden and plant on soil. To protect flowers from too much heat, place the plants in an area with noontime shade, or add a shade net.

Indoors, place the plant next to a window with direct morning/afternoon sun. The closer to the window (leaves can touch windows), the better as the amount of sunlight decreases dramatically the further away from windows


Vietnam rose plants are drought resistant. Meaning they can survive for extended periods without water. Water the plants every 2-3 days or only when the soil is dry.


Add organic fertilizer or humic to the soil 3 times a year. More if the plant is outdoors.

You can also use foliar spray to help encourage the plants to flower more

Question & Answer

What do I do after delivery?
Water the plant right away. Make sure water runs under the pot for full watering. Water Vietnam rose every other day or daily depending on heat and sun exposure

How big is the plant?
Our Vietnam Rose plants start at 2 inches upwards

Does it come with pots?
Yes our Vietnam Roses come with pots so there is no need to repot them right away

What does pre-rooting mean?
This means that the plants are still in the process of creating roots. The plants are alive and will continue to flower. Roots will fully form between 7-14 days.
In the meantime, make sure the plant is watered when the soil is dry (avoid overwatering) and put in an area with morning or afternoon sun.

Why are the flowers closed?
Vietnam rose flowers are triggered by sunlight. Place them next to a window or in a sunny area and they will open up. They wil close in the afternoon and reopen in the morning

My flowers are drying up!
This is normal (unless the whole plant is drying up). Vietnam rose plants are prolific and will continue to flower. Notice the new buds ready to bloom.

Can I repot the plant?
We recommend repotting 20-30 days after receiving the plant.

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