Christmas Tree Care Guide

Learn How to Take Care of Your Tree for a 

Very Merry Christmas!

* Care tips given here are general in nature. Conditions of your plant, environment may vary. 

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General Care For Your Homegrown Scented Christmas Tree

Plant Introduction - Cedar and Norfolk Pine trees are hardy plants meaning they can tolerate a degree of neglect including underwatering/overwatering/low sunlight etc. Best if they are cared for because they will grow year on year to become big Christmas Trees!

1) Sunlight: 

(Indoors) - Place the plant next to a window with direct morning/afternoon sun. The more sun the better so the closer to the window the better.

(Outdoors) - Place  in an area with some shade especially during noon ot early aftenoon. 

2) Watering:

*Pro Tip - when watering plants make sure the water reaches the roots. For indoors, make sure water drips from the bottom of the pot. For outdoors make sure water seeps through the ground and does not runoff.

(Indoors) - Water every other day or when the soil is dry

(Outdoors) - Water daily

3) Fertilizer - Apply organic fertilizer twice a year or when the plants are weak.

Question and Answer

We are constantly compiling answers to your most frequent questions.

1) Can I water the leaves? We recommend watering the soil only. This conserves water. Plus pines drink mostly through their roots.

2) Can I spray the leaves with Living Mist Pine Scent? Yes you can, they will add aroma to the leaves. Be sure to spray around the tree and avoid spraying only in one spot.

3) My leaves are turning brown

Leaves turning brown at the bottom of the tree - are normal. As the tree grows, the leaves that get the least sunlight will fall off.

Tips of Leaves turning brown - may mean underwatering. You may not be watering fully (until water drips to the bottom of the pot) or you are not watering as frequently. Water more frequently.

Lots of Leaves turning brown at the top of the tree - may mean a lack of sunlight. Bring the plant outdoors so it can recover. Use our Green Leaf/Plant spray or add organic fertilzer in the soil. Water daily. 

4) Will brown leaves recover and turn green again?

Unfortunately they will not turn green again. But new green leaves will form at the top and sides of the tree.

5) Can I repot the tree or plant on the ground?

Yes you definitely can. We recommend waiting 14 days before repotting and repot only if you have experience in repotting.

6) Where can I get more support?

You can contact our customer support team by clicking the chat button at the bottom or 

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