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Imperfect Produce

Imperfect produce are fruits, vegetables, plants that are either smaller, have bruising, or minor defects. They are still perfectly good to eat and they help you save money!

Save on Imperfect Produce! - Cheaper than supermarket prices!

🍅 Save with lower than supermarket prices

🍅 Help reduce food waste

🍅 Support sustainabile agriculture and help local farmers

🍅 Save with lower than supermarket prices - Imperfect produce are cheaper but they taste the same as regular produce. They are perfect for shakes, smoothies, salads, food ingredients and more!

🍅 Help reduce food waste - A lot of food is wasted just becuase they are too small or are deformed. In this day and age wasting nutritious food is just a terrible act.

🍅 Support sustainabile agriculture and help local farmers - our local farmers are one of the poorest citizens in the country. Yet they support our food needs. Let's help them earn more from their produce so they can continue farming