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The Campsite is located in Zone 6 Barangay Dilavo, Ilocos Norte, half way to Pagudpud.  Its attraction includes a rustic view of the ocean, green mountains and hilltops, flowering gardens, a combination of white and rugged beaches, and navigable rivers.  It is suitable for camping because of its natural rolling terrain, safe area and multi-pools of spring water derived from a water falls from a walking distance.

The CAMPSITE is complemented with several income generating projects initiated by fisherfolks.  These fishermen are engaged in a small scale boat building and fishing as well as reforestation.    

Accomodation Rates

Rates start at P450 / person for lodging (Food is separate)

*Enjoy unli-seafood with our catch anc cook promo!

SEC Registration # 2021060018208-28

Business Permit # 11370

Directions to Campsite

Campsite Address: Zone 6, Barangay Dilavo, Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte

For directions, Click Here

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Choose your own adventure in Pasuquin! We have fantastic beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, intriguing caves and more!


View List of Beaches

Sexy Beach

This is one of the most famous beach in Pasuquin.
The Name Sexy Beach is derived from the shape of its shore forming like the "S" shape of a woman.

Isla Furikawa

Calioet - Libong Beach

Samiweng Beach

Caaoacan Beach


List of Waterfalls

Kalitungan Falls

Luutoong Falls

Kaangrian Falls

Dardarumaca Falls

Tanap-Avis Falls



Historical Locations

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Sexy Beach

Location: Barangay Estansia, Pasuquin

Directions: Click here for directions

Attraction: White Sand

Average Prices:

Food: P80-P300

Entrance Fee: P50-P200

Cabana Rent: P500-P3000

Lutto-Ong Falls

Location: Lutto-Ong, Pasuquin

Directions: Click here for directions

Attraction: Pristine Waterfalls

Average Prices:

Food: P100-P400

Entrance Fee: P50-P100

Cabana Rent: N/A

Yamashita Cave

Location: Neo Campsite, Pasuquin

Directions: Click here for directions

Attraction: White Sand

Average Prices:

Food: P500 (Unli Seafoods)

Entrance Fee: P100

Cabana Rent: P500-P700

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These Restaurants are Highly Recommended

Jovy and Yolly's Place

Location: Davila, Pasuquin

Directions: Click here for directions


Average Prices:

Food: P80-P400

Drinks: P50-P200

JD's Eatery

Location: Davilla, Pasuquin

Directions: Click here for directions

Attraction: Family Dining

Average Prices:

Food: P300-P700

Drinks: P50-P100

F&J Eatery

Location: Neo Campsite, Pasuquin

Directions: Click here for directions

Attraction: Western Food

Average Prices:

Food: P500 - P1000

Drinks: P30-P100

Events in Pasuquil

Keep updated on what's happening in Pasuquil!

Fiberglass boats distributed to Pasuquin fisherfolk

Twenty new fiberglass fishing boats are ready to sail the coastal waters of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte.

Forty registered fisherfolk families in Barangay Davila were the latest beneficiaries of the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR).

Senior aquaculturist Vanessa Abegail Dagdagan said the 24-foot fiberglass reinforced plastic motorized fishing boat with 15 horsepower marine engine is worth PHP100,000 each and will increase the chances of fishermen to up their catch.

Compared to wooden fishing boats, fiberglass boats require less maintenance, according to DA-BFAR.

Ilocos Norte pushes cycling tourism to restart economy

The Department of Tourism-Ilocos (DOT Region 1) on Thursday introduced 12 bike trails in the province of Ilocos Norte meant not only to revive the local economy but for the people to regain their confidence to go outdoors in the new normal.

The 12 bike routes are among the various nature trails in the province assessed and validated by the DOT from October to November, said Evangeline Dadat, chief tourism officer of the DOT Region 1. 

These include the Kamadmadrian trail in Currimao, Catuguing trail in San Nicolas, Nabu trail in Batac City, Lagui downhill track in Laoag, Solsona-Apayao road bike route, Badoc Virgen Milagrosa bike route, Paoay Lake bike route, Sapat downhill track in Pasuquin, Payak trail in Pasuquin-Burgos-Bangui, Stingray trail in Pagudpud, Salsalamagui trail in Vintar and the Karingking Serrek bike trails in Solsona town, where the cycling tourism program was launched.

Alex Peralta, bike tourism consultant and part of the DOT assessment team, said there are a lot of “amazing bike trails” in Ilocos Norte to jumpstart tourism activities and inspire others to again ride their bikes and enjoy the outdoors.

Ilocos Norte restores mangrove areas to protect environment

The Ilocos Norte government on Wednesday urged coastal communities to take good care of their existing mangrove forests to protect marine life and safeguard it from the impacts of climate change.

In time for the month-long observance of the National Disaster Resilience Month this July, Michael Pe Benito, representative of the Provincial Resiliency Office, said almost 2,000 mangrove propagules were planted on Tuesday in the coastal village of Davila in Pasuquin town, in an effort to save the remaining naturally-grown mangrove forests that continue to decline in number over the years.

Ilocos Norte marks 203rd founding anniversary with creative fests

Contrary to previous grand celebrations, the province’s 203rd founding anniversary on Tuesday came almost unnoticed by its residents with limited gatherings due to the continuing threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

From a month-long celebration, this year’s series of activities have been reduced to three days which highlights the Ilocano Creatives Fest, an interdisciplinary festival that promotes the work of artisans in the province. Featured here are the makers of Inabel (Hand-woven cloth), Damili (pottery), basket weaving, as well as the blacksmith and tinsmith.

P132-M public market to rise in coastal Ilocos Norte town

A new two-story public market is expected to bring more life to its vendors and buyers as it is expected to rise along the newly-constructed bypass road in Barangay 12 Puyupuyan, Pasuquin town.

Funded by the Development Bank of the Philippines for PHP132 million, the new market aims to provide a more comfortable space for vendors and buyers and decongest traffic in the old site occupying a whole block at the southeast end of the former town plaza.


Basic Information

 Pasuquin is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Ilocos NortePhilippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 29,678 people. 

Pasuquin, belonging to the first congressional district of the province of Ilocos Norte, is governed by a mayor designated as its local chief executive and by a municipal council as its legislative body in accordance with the Local Government Code. The mayor, vice mayor, and the councilors are elected directly by the people through an election which is being held every three years.

Elected officials

Members of the Municipal Council
CongressmanRia Christina G. Fariñas
MayorFerdinand D. Aguinaldo
Vice-MayorOscar D. Aguinaldo
CouncilorsDante G. Viernes
Elsie V. Bascao
Rachelle Leinaleigh A. Ferrer
Chino Earl V. Aguinaldo
Ferlind L. Dancel
Virginia S. Ibali
Armando M. Aguinaldo
Maria G. Calija


Panagsana Festival

It is the most known festival in Pasuquin. “Panagsana” is the Ilocano term used for this old-aged occupation. It means salt making, customarily done during summer and became the leading industry among the coastal folks in the municipality. The festival is annually celebrated on December during the town fiesta. Usually celebrated with street dances during the 29th of December, participated by the 8 clustered Barangays. Then, after, a showdown is held showcasing the history, legends, the beautiful Pasuquin, and the Traditional Salt Making.

The Sunflower Festival

An American film, Sunflowers (1996), directed by Shawn Hainsworth, an Independent U.S. Film Director, has made the Sunflower Festival internationally known. The film garnered critics recognition in the 1997 Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and other Film festivals in North America.

Sunflower members are also active in participation of the annual town fiesta in December, the Mayflower festivities and religious celebrations like Holy Week. Indeed, they may be gay but they are truly and undoubtedly assets to the community.

The Rambac ti Daya Festival

Poblacion 2 or better known as Dos, with almost 2,000 population annually celebrates the "RAMBAC ti DAYA" as a feast of thanksgiving to the Almighty Creator for bountiful harvests.. The unpredictable weather makes this event very surprising, as May is known to be the first month of the year with heavy rains..

Started in 1992 through a Municipal Ordinance, Poblacion Dos is known to be the pioneer barangay to come up with a barangay fiesta title-RAMBAC TI DAYA. This festivity culminates on the first two days of May, but usually preceded by an inter-zonal basketball tournament that runs for two to four weeks sponsored by the Sangguniang Kabataan..

One of the highlights of the festival is the community night, in which Barangay residents, local and foreign visitors gather together at the barangay plaza known as "Plaza Murit", for merry-making through community KTV, beer drinking, exchanging goodies, reuniting with good old folk, and simply enjoying and sharing abundant blessings.

The festival ends on the second day of May. A thanksgiving mass is offered in the first hour of the morning, followed by a motorists' parade downtown. After the motorcade, various Palarong Nayon are played by children and adult residents alike, where big prizes are at stake.

At night, the festival ends with a Sagalas/Santa Cruzan, a tribute to Queen Elena on her way to the Holy Cross. The Flores de Mayo parades young kids as they are dressed in their respective personas.

In the Flores De Mayo program, the Gawad Rambac ti Daya, Most Outstanding Anak ti Dos is awarded to the most deserving resident that made great impact and unsurmounted selfless contributions through civil service, social work, religious, and human rights advocacy, and youth and sports development.

The Dumadara Festival

An annual fluvial parade festival started by the Davileneos, particularly the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Francis of Assisi. Davila is a coastal barangay of Pasuquin, and their main harvest is dumadara (a certain fish). They associated the festival to the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom the Month of May is dedicated, as a thanksgiving for a bountiful fishing. Fisherfolks from Davila are made to decorate their bangkas (boats) for the fluvial parade. There are many activities hold also during the festival like boat race, and eating delectable grilled fish (Dumadara)with the guests.

Hotels and Accomodation

Maps and Directions

Pasuquin is a 10-Hour drive from Metro Manila. For directions Click Here


Metro Manila

Continue to Balintawak, Quezon City

21 min (7.6 km)

Follow E1/R-8N Luzon W Expy and MacArthur Hwy/Manila N Rd to Currimao - Paoay - Suba - Balacao Rd in Currimao

7 hr 37 min (448 km)

Follow Currimao - Paoay - Suba - Balacao RdLaoag - Paoay Rd and Rodolfo G. Fariñas, Jr Bypass Rd to Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26 in Bacarra

41 min (34.4 km)
Turn left onto Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26
17 min (13.5 km)

Take Brgy San Juan to your destination

7 min (3.3 km)


Ilocos Norte

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Visit Beaches in Pasuquin

Sexy Beach

This is one of the most famous beach in Pasuquin.
The Name Sexy Beach is derived from the shape of its shore forming like the "S" shape of a woman.

Isla Furikawa

Calioet - Libong Beach

Samiweng Beach

Caaoacan Beach