11.11 SALE! Scented Christmas Tree, Norfolk Pine ~10 inches (Per Plant)

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It's the Best Smelling Christmas Tree! Real Trees with natural scent PLUS Living Mist Scent Tubes!

Homegrown Scented Christmas Trees are Real, Live, Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees that will keep growing year after year! They come with Living Mist Scent tubes filled with our Pine Christmas Mist! This complements the natural aroma coming from the trees themselves giving your area a Merry Christmas scent.

This tree variety is also very easy to take care indoors. It is tolerant to underwatering and can be placed next to a window with morning/afternoon sun

Outdoors, make sure it has some shade and is watered daily or every other day.

Ready for Gifting.

Indoor/Outdoor type.


- Scent Tubes with Christmas Pine Scent
- Tree Decor
- Care Guide
- Gift Tag