Eucalyptus Living Mist Botanical Diffuser: Essential Oil Air Freshener with Real Flowers,Round or Hexagonal Bottle (100 ml)


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Living Mist diffusers are essential oil diffusers that use Real Leaves and Flowers to fill your room with wonderful fragrance! Since the oil is diffused through real leaves and flowers, they mix with the natural plant oils creating subtle unique scents! Plus they're so pretty!

Do you Use Real Flowers? Yes all Real flowers and Leaves

How Long will the Flowers Last? Conditions may vary but usually flowers last 2-3 weeks. Some wilt faster than others but some last longer than 3 weeks.

What Do I Do when All the Flowers are wilted? The Free Reed Sticks should still be able to diffuse the remaining oil scent  You can buy new flowers sets and oil fragrances from us