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. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks For Choosing Homegrown. We are farmers and are proud to share our organic produce with you! We harvest and deliver straight from the farm so you get the freshest, best tasting, Pesticide-Free produce!

 Homegrown is:

a. Direct from From the Farm to You

b. Cheaper than supermarket products with On Sale Items and Promos

c. So Convenient. Buy online and we'll deliver

d. Simple. Fixed P100 Delviery Fee (All Delivery Fees go to Drivers)

1. Payments Available

You can pay Cash on Delivery, or through Bank Transfer

Account Number: 007268018321
BDO Current Account
For Bank Payments sending deposit proof of payment, please 
email photo of deposit slip/payment to

2. Fixed P100 Delivery Fee

* We give all the delivery fees and tips collected to the drivers

Delivery Coverage:

We currently deliver in most of the Metro (From Caloocan all the way to Alabang and Cainta). This is to keep fruits and veggies as fresh as possible

Alabang, Antipolo, Bicutan, Bonifacio Global City, Cainta, Caloocan, Fairview, Katipunan, Las Pinas, Libis, Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Pasay, Paranaque, Pasig, Pateros, Quezon City, San Juan, Sucat, Taguig, Taytay, Tondo 

*Rush and extended coverage areas might have different delivery fees. See Posts and Website for details

3. How Do I Order?

Browse through our Selection of Fruits, Vegetables, Plants and FarmHouse Basics!

- After that, Type in the Quantity (Just below the Item Price)

- Click 'Add to Cart', to Continue shopping, click 'Continue Shopping' , to Pay for your order, click 'Checkout'

4. I ordered already and checked out but I want to Add some more goodies?

You can just order again (add to cart and checkout). Justvlet us know on the 'Notes to Seller' section if you want us to deliver the two orders together.

5. How are you prices compared to others?

Because you buy Straight from the farm, our prices are Cheaper than Supermarket Organic Produce. Sometimes we're even cheaper than Non organic produce! Especially when we have items on Sale. This is because we would like more people to eat well and eat healthy. Follow or Like us on Facebook @homegrownorganicph to get updates on New Produce and Sale Items :)

6. How Do I Pay?

Cash on Delivery! :) But we also accept bank transfers (details on checkout)

To send bank payment screenshots, please visit  (Visit our website, click Menu, then Click Aftersales Support)

7. How long to deliver. What is the delivery time?

- Delivery Dates are on top of the web page. We will get all your items harvested fresh, Shipped to Manila, Sorted, Graded and Delivered to You.

- Delivery time is usually in the Afternoon.

- You will get a call/sms from us in the Morning confirming the delivery time.

- Please answer/respond to the call SMS as drivers will not deliver until the client agrees to recieve the delivery. If you wish not to be disturbed in a specific time frame, please let us know in the 'Additional Instructions for Us' Portion of the Cart Page. 

- To follow up on your order, please click: Please click:

8. Anything Faster?

If we have extra Items, We can Delivery the same Day! Please check the top part of our website for information

9. In Case these happen:

- I Got my Items and there's damage/spoilage 😲😤😢

We Sort at Different Stages: At the Farm Plots, At the Farmhouse and in Manila. Sometimes though we miss things. Sometimes spoilage is at the farm area (yes fresh produce do spoil while on the ground), damaged at Manila, or spoiled on the way to you (Manila traffic takes a toll on veggies)

-I Opened my Fruits/Vegetables and They're rotten inside! Why did you give me Produce that is rotten inside!?

Since the infinity stones are spent, and there are only a handful of superheroes that have x-ray vision (none of them want to work for us, we asked) there is no way for us to tell if produce are rotten inside, even the ones that we ripened ourselves and look perfect outside.

Seriously though, short of x-rays for every avocado, there's no way to tell. We feel your pain though and have a replacement guarantee to make sure your Homegrown experience is a good one.

- Photos are different from what's delivered

We take photos of products from actual delivery lots but unlike manufactured products like mobile phones, TVs, etc, agricultural produce vary in shape, size and flavor. Please refer to no.9 for remedies

Common Plant Problems:

- Plant has no roots: If upon delivery, your plants have no roots, please contact our aftersales support team: please visit  (Visit our website, click Menu, then Click Aftersales Support)

- Plant died after repotting: Repotting can be very stressful for plants and if not done right, root systems are often compromised resulting in the plant wilting. Exercise care with repotting or have someone with experience do it for you. In case this happens our quality guarantee is on a case to case basis.

10. What are you doing about it?

We are in the business of selling fresh, not rotten produce. So we keep improving Kaizen Style!

-You'll notice that the delivered weight is more than your ordered weight (So you don't feel short changed by the defect)

-We're improving our quality inspection and continuously training our staff

-We are improving our packaging and storage for deliveries

11. What Can I Do if I get damaged produce?

a) Drivers are required to inspect all produce with customers and have customers sign an acceptance form. Customers can decline items in their order. If your househelp/staff will recieve the items, please let them know of your preferences so they can check the deliveries for you.

b) We have a replacement guarantee:

Please click:


Unlike your local market (if you're not a suki) or supermarket, We will replace damaged items within reason.

Replacement Guarantee Policy

a) Since items were signed as accepted in good condition during delivery, Replacements will be on the grounds of:

     a.1) Missed damage/bruising on the produce that was in a hidden/covered area

     a.2) Damage inside the produce

     a,3) For plants. Replacement for plants that die up to 2 days after delivery. This covers wilting due to transport and driver mishandling. Care instructions are posted on our site for guidance and should not be considered as a strict de-facto set of procedures. Please use discretion, other available materials online and common sense with plant care.  Once delivered, the plant's health and general well being are in your hands. We are not responsible for how you take care of your living plants. These plants are rooted and have been growing in our greenhouses for more than 4 months so they're not expected to die days after delivery if taken care of properly.

b) Email us (Not PM, Not DM, Not Messenger, Not through Comments) your concern with picture if applicable (Email: Email is a more effective way of tracking the progress of your concern

c) Please give us between 5-10 Days to process replacements/refunds. We value you a lot as a client and would like you to have the best service and online buying experience. You can follow up though our email and mobile numbers.

d) One time replacement only

11. I PM'd on Facebook and DM'd on Instagram but I got no response

To streamline our aftersales support, we advise clients to email us rather than social media. This allows us to better track the progress of your concern. Although our aftersales support team works very hard, there may be delays in the response. Rest assured that all emails are looked at and responded to asap.

12. I got extra produce, is that a mistake?

Nope, we usually give out Free stuff as a pleasant surprise! We are not just a retail store, we want to help you discover new and exciting produce!

13. The items I get are sold out so quickly!

Our client community really acts fast on limited items so better decide and buy quickly! To get updates Like or Follow our FB @homegrownorganicph and Insta Pages myhomegrownorganic.

14. Can I Reschedule My Order?

Yes you can, but since we harvest-to-deliver, we request that you reschedule orders 1 day prior to the emailed delivery date. Orders Rescheduled will be delivered on a set delivery date but you will be charged a Re-harvest fee (50% of total bill). In case of rescheduled deliveries on the delivery date, an additional P75 delivery charge (even if you qualified for Free Delivery) will be put on top of your bill.  Please understand that harvested produce can't be put back in the soil or the tree :) , and the drivers have braved Manila Traffic. Please also email us regarding your request to reschedule. Failure to do so will assign your order as cancelled. (Please see item on Order Cancellation)

15. Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes you can, but since we harvest-to-deliver, we request that you cancel orders 1 day prior to the emailed delivery date. Orders Cancelled on the set delivery date will be cancelled but further orders from you will be put on review. (This is to avoid fraudulent orders that not only waste time for the farmers, staff and drivers, but also deny other clients of service)

*For any other questions, Please click:

    You can email or SMS us at

     Globe - 09054887086 (aftersales hours are 8 am to 5 pm) 

   or email -  (after 5 pm)

Thanks and Have a Great Time Shopping Healthy!

  • We deliver to NCR/ Metro Manila and adjacent towns/cities 

  • Curated, Quality Products

  • With Return/Replacement Guarantee

    *unless otherwise stated

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