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Live Scented Christmas Tree: Living Mist Pine Scent. Ready for Gifting,

Tabletop 8-12 inches (per plant)

Question and Answer

Are These Real Christmas Trees?

Yes they are fully rooted, live, real Christmas trees with that natural pine aroma.

Are is the Height of the Tree?

Heights are on the product title. We measure from the top of the soil to the top of the tree.

Will they grow in Manila Weather?

Yes they grow in Manila weather. Just remember to water more frequently during summer

Do the plants need to be in an Airconditioned room?

No. The plants just need to have moisture/water in the soil when the soil is dry.

Where to put the plants?

Indoors, place the plants next to a window with direct morning or afternoon sun. You can place the plants in areas with no light for about 3-4 days then 3-4 days in sunlight to help the plant recharge. Water every other day

Outdoors, place the plants in an area with partial shade but with direct morning or afternoon sun. Water daily

Are they easy to care for?

Yes they are very hardy (easy to grow). Just remember to water them.

How to care for the Christmas Trees?

Indoors - place next to a window with direct morning or afternoon sun. Water every other day to every two days

Outdoors - place in an area with ample sunlight and water daily

Can I put them indoors for a few days a week (No sunlight) and a few days outdoors in full sun?

 Although unconventional, yes you can. We recommend 3-4 days of sun outdoors to help the tree 'recharge.' Water the plants daily outdoors especially when it gets too hot. Also, monitor the plant health, if they are weak, keep them longer outdoors.

 Will they grow? Can you keep them in pots?

Yes, you can grow them in pots. The amount of growth of the tree will depend on how big the pot is. For maximum growth, plant them in the ground

 I want to give them as gifts, Are the plants ready for Gifting?

Yes they are ready for gifting. The plants come in our soft plastic pots, wrapped with a ribbon. We also include a care guide and gift tag.

Can I order now for a later delivery date? Can you deliver to different addresses?

Hi, yes you can choose to deliver at a different date. Just indicate it at the Cart Page - 'Additional Instructions for Us' or through our customer service team

We can also deliver the Christmas Trees to different addresses. Delivery conditions apply

  • We deliver to NCR/ Metro Manila and adjacent towns/cities 

  • Curated, Quality Products

  • With Return/Replacement Guarantee

    *unless otherwise stated

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