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Delivery Details

Please Read our Pre-Delivery Process:

Note: For questions, comments, issues regading your delivery please click:

We can't promptly reply  up through Facebook messenger, PM, comments or Instragram DM.

1) We need you to text/email back to confirm that you can receive the Delivery. Email:, Globe - 09054887086. 

2) If all Items are complete and a driver is available, you will then receive an SMS/Call from us before the actual delivery. Please answer or reply. This is to make sure that you are able to receive the fresh deliveries. If you do not get a call/sms on the morning of the tentative delivery date, then your delivery might not push through. This may be due to incomplete items, driver availability, bad weather. Our aftersales team will contact you for your next available day/time.

NOTE: We will not deliver unless we can confirm with you through SMS or Call.

Please Read Guidelines On Receipt of Your Delivery:

1) Please inspect your deliveries for completeness and quality. Our drivers are trained and instructed to help you out with this.

2) You may refuse produce that don't meet your requirement. Please coordinate with us if you wish us to re-deliver. By default we don't re-deliver but we can certainly make exceptions. Please note that images in posts may differ from the ones delivered. Agricultural produce are extremely varied in shape, size and general aesthetics. We do grade and sort as best as we can.

3) We inspect produce from the farm, grade and sort in Manila and do a third pass with the driver. But, we might miss some things or produce get spoiled during delivery. No worries we have a satisfaction guarantee. Just email us and aftersales will contact you.

4) Please Note that we only deliver to the following Areas:
Alabang, Antipolo, Bicutan, Bonifacio Global City, Cainta, Caloocan, Fairview, Katipunan, Las Pinas, Libis, Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Pasay, Paranaque, Pasig, Pateros, Quezon City, San Juan, Sucat, Taguig, Taytay, Tondo, towns and areas in between

If your address is outside the covered areas, your orders will be auto archived and cancelled.

To keep produce as fresh as possible, we Harvest from Confirmed orders. Delivery is also dependent on harvest availability, weather and your location if within our delivery coverage (list of areas covered is posted above) .

To follow up on your orders please click:

Please also indicate your order number. It is better to follow up through email than through comments on our page/ads since we can respond to emails faster. For other questions you can SMS us Globe - 09054887086. Our Aftersales staff are available from 9am - 5 pm.

Outside of staff hours please send us an email. In case you haven't read, here is the link to our Frequently Asked Questions Page:

For now all deliveries are done 2 pm onwards since some harvests are made early in the morning. Thanks!

  • We deliver to NCR/ Metro Manila and adjacent towns/cities 

  • Curated, Quality Products

  • With Return/Replacement Guarantee

    *unless otherwise stated

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₱145.00₱240.00SAVE 40%
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₱220.00₱440.00SAVE 50%
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₱120.00₱240.00SAVE 50%
₱125.00₱250.00SAVE 50%
₱150.00₱300.00SAVE 50%
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₱120.00₱286.00SAVE 58%
₱3,100.00₱4,900.00SAVE 37%
₱243.00₱295.00SAVE 18%
₱125.00₱230.00SAVE 46%
₱110.00₱218.00SAVE 50%
₱19.00₱44.00SAVE 57%
₱78.00₱198.00SAVE 61%
₱195.00₱307.00SAVE 36%
₱69.00₱155.00SAVE 55%
₱120.00₱286.00SAVE 58%
₱59.00₱180.00SAVE 67%
₱58.00₱85.00SAVE 32%
₱149.00₱445.00SAVE 67%
₱195.00₱286.00SAVE 32%
₱125.00₱230.00SAVE 46%
₱95.00₱195.00SAVE 51%
₱230.00₱440.00SAVE 48%
₱220.00₱440.00SAVE 50%
₱220.00₱440.00SAVE 50%
₱145.00₱240.00SAVE 40%
₱120.00₱240.00SAVE 50%
₱110.00₱220.00SAVE 50%
₱180.00₱290.00SAVE 38%
₱180.00₱290.00SAVE 38%
₱245.00₱501.00SAVE 51%
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₱56.00₱104.00SAVE 46%
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₱240.00₱340.00SAVE 29%
₱345.00₱590.00SAVE 42%
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₱145.00₱325.00SAVE 55%
₱120.00₱490.00SAVE 76%
₱195.00₱590.00SAVE 67%
₱72.00₱590.00SAVE 88%
₱135.00₱690.00SAVE 80%
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₱326.00₱443.00SAVE 26%
₱180.00₱240.00SAVE 25%
₱220.00₱440.00SAVE 50%
₱100.00₱247.00SAVE 60%
₱152.00₱216.00SAVE 30%
₱205.00₱286.00SAVE 28%
₱177.00₱590.00SAVE 70%
₱175.00₱585.00SAVE 70%
₱350.00₱637.00SAVE 45%
₱590.00₱1,274.00SAVE 54%

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  • Delivery coverage

    We deliver to Manila and nearby towns/cities

  • Quality/Return Guarantee

    We curate and inspect all produce. You can also opt to reject items during delivery. For any concerns after delivery please contact customer service.