Marian Plant, Indoor (Per Plant)

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Dieffenbachia, otherwise known as Marian plant/Leopard plant, comes in a lot of varieties, all of which make great houseplants. This is a houseplant that can live and thrive easily.

These plants will benefit from generous watering followed by a short period where the soil is allowed to dry out partially. Between watering, check the soil to see if it is due for another watering. The top inch of the soil should be dry, while everything below that will still be moist. If the top layer of soil has dried out, then you can give the plant another generous watering and repeat the cycle. The frequency with that you need to water your Dieffenbachia will depend upon the variety you have, the size of the plant, the season, and the conditions in which you are growing it.

This plant does well in a variety of lighting situations, from light shade to bright indirect light. The leaves will be at their most vibrant when the plant receives a good amount of bright, indirect light, though any direct light should be avoided as this can burn the leaves or cause the foliage coloring to look bleached or faded. The Dieffenbachia would ideally like to be in bright light that is filtered through sheer fabric, or another type of window covering that will allow light to pass through it. Although Dieffenbachias prefer bright light, they will do just fine in moderate light or even partially shaded environments.

*Foliage may vary