Relaxing Lemon Balm Plant (Per Piece)

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Scent of leaves is relaxing.

Plant Height: 3-5 inches and above

Pot Height: 4 inches

Pot Type: Black Seedling Bag

Packaging: Covered to Prevent Transport Stress


Product Description

Be an Urban Farmer! Have your own Plant!

Care Guide


Water 3-4 times a week or when the soil feels dry

👍 Urban Farming Tip: Dig an inch into the soil with your finger. If the soil sticks to your finger then it is still wet


Plants will survive Indoors near a Window with morning sun but will Thrive outdoors in Direct Sunlight

👍 Urban Farming Tip: If your plants are tall but skinny, they need more sun. 


Dig a hole 2x bigger than the seedling bag. Transplant in the garden with vermicast or organic fertilizer. Be careul not to disturb the roots. Fill in the hole with soil and water after planting.